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From Agricultural to Retail, FBC is Your Bag Manufacturing Partner

Variety of Parking Meter Covers
Frontier Bag Company is one of the Midwest’s leading manufacturers and wholesalers of packaging products for a wide range of customers in the retail, medical, electronics, food service, manufacturing, agricultural, and construction industries. Whether you’re packaging cookies or car parts, we offer thousands of products in virtually every material, size, shape, strength, and color imaginable. We also offer innovative custom-product designs for a variety of special needs. From polypropylene micro-perforated food bags to parking meter covers, Frontier Bag Company delivers quality products and customized solutions at competitive prices. 
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Cotton & Burlap Bags with Draw StringTextile Bags

Manufacturing top-quality textile bags since 1946 and serving customers in a wide range of industries across the region. We offer a unique selection of products including parking meter bags, seed/feed bags, sandbags, retail packaging, potato bags, courier/deposit bags, drawstring bags, bulk peanut bags –you name it. Our new or recycled materials include burlap, canvas, cotton, and custom fabrics in varying weights and grades, with custom screening and embroidery available for many products. Whatever you need, our experienced staff will help you find it.


Poly BagPoly Bags

Frontier Bag Company features poly bags for retail, corporate, food-service, medical, electronics, and manufacturing uses. Flat, gusseted, shrink-wrap, heat-sealable, bio-safe, anti-static, water-resistant, recycled, leak-proof, re-sealable, FDA-approved, micro-perforated…you name it, we have it. From produce bags to pallet covers, we offer a huge selection of high-quality bags in all sizes, shapes, and weights imaginable, with custom imprinting available on most products. With hundreds of bags to choose from, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you find the right product at the right price.


Industrial SandbagsSandbags

We manufacture a full line of high-grade sandbags for a variety of outdoor recreational, military, construction, and industrial uses. Our new and recycled burlap, cotton, and woven polypropylene products come in varying weights and styles—each specially constructed to stand up in all-weather conditions. Our polypropylene sandbags offer a high-density weave to resist punctures and tears over time and feature UV protection to protect against fading in sunlight. You‘ll find a range of colors and customizable options to choose from, including custom screening for many products.


Paving CoverSheeting & Tubing

We offer a unique variety of high-grade materials for industrial packaging. From burlap, canvas, and cotton to recycled poly, polymesh, and polypropylene, our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. We offer a wide selection of specialized materials, including anti-static, shrink/stretch wrap, water-resistant, heat-sealable, bubble wrap, and FDA-approved plastic in assorted gauges. You’ll find a wide range of distribution options as well, including continuous sheeting, perforated, gusseted, tubing, stripped, and flat sheeting. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.


Accessories & Other Products

To help customers utilize our products more efficiently and effectively, we offer a full range of accessories and complimentary items to enhance or personalize our standard products. These extras would include badge holders, cardboard shipping boxes & envelopes, cosmetic bags, coin purses, 3-ring or multi-ring notebooks, bible covers, travel kits, bag ties, paper products, hardware, poly heat sealers, grommets, grommet pliers, and a wide variety of a la carte promotional items. Frontier Bag Company has hundreds of products to choose from, many of which can be custom silk-screened or embroidered to your specifications. Contact us to learn more.


Custom Products

Learn more about how we develop and create custom products for different industries and clients.


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Industrial Sandbags
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Cotton & Burlap Bags with Draw String
Variety of Parking Meter Covers
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